Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services provide you with industry knowledge and expertise in the field of financing, bookkeeping and accounting, such as:

  • Transaction Recording
  • Transaction catch-up and clean-up of financial reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Generating monthly financial reports
  • Maintaining accounting and financial books

Outsourcing Accritic’s bookkeeping services will give your firm an edge in the industry, as we will offer your benefits, such as

Financial Savings

Outsourcing accounting services is always more financially sound than employing in-house accountants. Outsourcing reduces your employment costs, such as vacation, retirement, sick leave, insurance etc. You can save approximately 60% to 70% on employment costs with our services.

Increase Efficiency

Outsourcing Accritic’s services offer a flexible working environment, increased productivity and improved efficiency by providing your firm with marketing insights and accounting strategies.

Access to the Latest Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. Get access to our bookkeeping services’ latest and best technology and innovations.


Payroll Services

Having control over the payroll enables you to run your business smoothly. Accritic ensures you receive the best financial assistance, in-depth reports and accounting records to prepare salary sheets, audit payroll, and increase your proficiency. Our payroll services include:

  • Processing payroll
  • Data management
  • Payroll tax filing and reporting
  • Statutory tax advisory
  • Payroll financing and accounting

Outsourcing our payroll services provides multiple benefits to your company.


Our services enable you to scale your progress and reports with the help of experienced accountants whose sole priority is managing your payroll.

Accurate Results

We provide you with precise payroll reports without any error margin. Miscalculations are relatively common in payroll accounting, and we ensure detailed, correct, and quick results.

Customized Payroll Assistance

Different operations require different payroll services, and we at Accritic offer you customized assistance according to your projects and tasks. With personalized services, we can improve your risk management, reduce your losses, and speed up your payroll accounting, reporting, and processing.


Taxation Services

Taxation is a broad aspect of financing and accounting. Accritic offers its services to help you form better strategies, assist in tax preparation, decrease financial strain, and standardize and stabilize your operations. Our services include

  • Business tax preparation
  • Multi-state tax preparation for firms
  • Tax returns
  • Formulating business tax planning strategies

Availing of our taxation services will give various advantages and benefits to your company.

Tailored Tax Return Assistance

We ensure your tax return process goes smoothly by collecting the relevant tax information and validating the authenticity of those reports. Our next step is cross-checking your personalised requirements and then using our latest software to identify the risks and miscalculations in the information and fix them accordingly. Our technology also depends on your needs and requirements.

Standardized Solutions

For every difficulty you might encounter in tax preparation, filing, and reporting, our team will be ready for a practical and unique solution to ease your worries, solve your problems, and increase your efficiency.

Data Security

Taxes are a private business, and we ensure your reports remain safe and confidential. Accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services manage sensitive information. Accritic provides top-notch security to ensure client data remains safe, secure, and confidential. We implement thorough guidelines and protocols, regularly upgrade our technology, and create confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to maintain data sensitivity. Besides IT measures and confidentiality agreements, our 24/7 cameras watch over every corner of our workplace, and our strict entrance protocols limit and prevent unauthorized entries without company-issued ID cards. The data is also backed up on multiple platforms in case of a mishap.


Accounting Advisory Services

Financial efficiency is essential to ensure seamless transactions, identify new changes in the financial reporting sector, and remain on schedule. Accritic’s accounting advisory services come with accounting and financial experts to facilitate various operations, such as audits, transactions, current and new accounting policies, handling financial functions etc.