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We offer financial and accounting services to firms, such as:

Our bookkeeping services allow you to control your finances, expand your horizons, employ market strategies, and achieve client satisfaction.


Outsourcing our taxation services allows you to handle, calculate, and report taxes without hiring extra people. We offer services that enable you to organize your taxation functions, such as tax preparation, tax reporting, and tax returns preparation.


Manage tricky, challenging, and time-consuming payroll functions with Accritic’s services. Keeping in mind the market and industry requirements, we offer payroll sheets, payroll calculation, payroll tax management, and paycheck creation.

Accounting Advisory Services

Financial efficiency is essential to ensure seamless transactions, identify new changes in the financial reporting sector, and remain on schedule. Accritic’s accounting advisory services come with accounting and financial experts to facilitate various operations, such as audits, transactions, current and new accounting policies, handling financial functions etc.


Why Choose Accritic?

Qualified Team

Our highly qualified team of financial and accounting experts offers its expertise and industry knowledge to assist you in monitoring your budget, taxes, and payroll. With Accritic’s team, you can rest assured that your finances will be taken care of.

Data Security

With years of experience under our belt, we offer our top-notch software and latest technology to ensure client confidentiality, client satisfaction and data security.

Flexible Operational Model

Accritic’s services provide you with a flexible working model, giving you the room and space to organize your operations, make the required changes, strategise, and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

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Our Talented Team

The Founders Accritic was founded by two highly experienced and ambitious women with a vision to transform and assist accounting firms.

Neetu Goyal

With over seven years of experience working with and in accounting and auditing for MNCs and Big4s in India, Neetu Goyal, the co-founder of Accritic, is an expert in statutory audit, financial reporting, and accounting and bookkeeping. Her unwavering dedication to organizing financial and accounting operations, tenacity, and project management skills have given her global and multicultural recognition in auditing and consultancy.

Ankitha Jain

The other co-founder of Accritic, Ankitha Jain, has more than five years of auditing experience for MNCs and the Big Five in India across various industrial functions, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and IT. Having worked with multiple GAAPs, she is well-versed in bookkeeping and accounting, statutory auditing, limited review, and accounting advisory services.